BINGO Christmas Party

- Mr The Akshayapatra Foundation, UK

Thank you, for your kind thought. The Akshaya Patra Foundation's warm pot of nutrition is serving thousands of hot and healthy meals daily to children at risk of hunger and the homeless all through the winter. We believe in keeping our meals simple, hot, vegetarian and very healthy. We use seasonal ingredients to keep our costs low. We are able to keep the cost of cooking and distributing a hot meal to as low as between 25 and 50 pence. During this season of giving, please generously donate to help us fight hunger in our country. 

There are nearly 170,000 homeless in London and about 320,000 homeless people in all of the UK. One in every 4 children in the UK is at risk of hunger, specially during school holidays. 

For it is in giving, that we receive. 

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  • Mr.Rohit Amembal £25.00 on DEC 19, 2019
  • Mr.Barry Willcox £10.00 on NOV 19, 2019

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