Food for Taught

- Mrs Namratha Shenoy

Across India everyday 8.2 million children are forced into work to earn their food. That means 1 in every 11 children is doing manual labour instead of going to school. No child must be deprived of education due to hunger! Food for Taught is my campaign to support Akshaya Patra to provide hot dinners for a class of 30 throughout the year 2020. Considering cost per meal is around 5 pence, it costs only £12 to feed a needy child for the entire year - leading to my target collection of £360! You could be the reason for a child to attend the school and break free from the vicious cycle of poverty. Please donate generously for this good cause.


  • Mr.Shivaraj £10.00 on NOV 07, 2019
  • Mrs.Sneha £15.00 on NOV 08, 2019
  • Mr.Krunal Patel £12.00 on NOV 08, 2019
  • Mrs.Rui Wan £10.00 on NOV 09, 2019

Each meal costing only 5p, you can help feed a child a healthy school meal for an entire year for just £12.

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