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The Akshaya Patra Foundation (TAPF) is a children's charity headquartered in Bengaluru, India which strives to eliminate classroom hunger and thereby support the right to an education of socio-economically challenged children through the midday meal programme. This is the world’s largest of its school meals programmes which now serves over 1.8 million children across over 19,000 schools daily. 

A fresh, hot, and nutritious lunch is served to children attending government schools and government-aided schools across 12 states and two Union territories in India. The programme is run in partnership with the Government of India appropriate State Governments along with the support of individuals, corporates, and other benefactors.


Just £15 can feed one child in India, for the entire school year.


The cost is kept low due to several factors – Government match funding, food production economies of scale via  state-of-the-art kitchens , use of technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain etc to drive efficiencies. With over 19,000 schools supported, a donor can choose to sponsor the midday meals for every child attending a particular school in India rather than making a general donation.

An average-sized school is approximately 200 children and would cost £3,000 to sponsor annually. However, there are schools of many different sizes available to sponsor. Often large schools are sponsored by more than one donor. Not all schools are sponsored, and these are supported by general donations received.



Benefits of Sponsoring a School



Impact of your School Donations


The school sponsorship programme has transformed the lives of thousands of children since its inception across India, by nourishing impoverished children, increasing enrolment, attendance and focus at school, thereby allowing them to flourish and succeed in life and break the cycle of poverty for generations. An outcome that has surpassed all expectations! Read stories of hope from young children who receive our mid-day meals and adopt a school of your choice today.

Wish to sponsor a school in India?  

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