Celebrate the joys of Diwali in a different way 

Give your loved ones a gift that is a little bit different from the usual Diwali present, something that is sure to put a smile on your face, their face and a thousand other little faces! 

By choosing to sponsor delicious Diwali meals for underprivileged school children in India on behalf of your loved ones, you will be gifting them a Diwali filled with blessings from the  children who will receive tasty filling meals because of your kind donation.  

With a personalized certificate of the donation, your loved one will also receive a beautiful handcrafted tea light.   

£11 Gift Donation feeds 220 children and your loved one receives 1 candle

A £51 Gift Donation feeds 1020 children and your loved one receives 2 candles.

A £151 Gift Donation feeds 3020 children and your loved one receives 4 candles

       Make your choice and give your loved ones the gift of joy and satisfaction

 So here is how it works:

•    Simply send us the names of your loved ones, and the amount you wish to donate on their behalf. If you would like to donate an alternative amount please indicate so in your email.

•    We will accordingly prepare a gift certificate with their name, and their candle(s) and post it directly to them on your behalf.

•    Alternatively, you can choose to get it sent to you, so you can gift it to them personally. 

For more details please email us on office@akshayapatra.co.uk or call us on 0207 422 6612




Each meal costing only 5p, you can help feed a child a healthy school meal for an entire year for just £12.

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