Half-century reached now what???

To any loved ones lost to feel anything towards celebrations. I know, let's help a great cause. The "NOURISH TO FLOURISH" Campaign. The problem of holiday hunger among children has gathered substantial attention in 2020, given the impact of Covid-19 on financially weak families.

It is estimated that 3 million children face food poverty in the UK. In London alone, around 700,000 children face hunger during school holidays due to lack of free school meals, according to the Mayor of London's 2018 report. Childhood hunger leads to profound adverse outcomes in terms of long-term physical, educational, and financial achievements.

- Mr Uday Parekh


  • Anonymous on Jul 05, 2021
  • Mrs.Surekha on Jul 05, 2021
  • Mr.Nilesh on Jun 24, 2021

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