No Hunger Christmas

It's the Christmas season, and families are making plans to spend the holidays together, parties and celebrations are underway and happiness is all around. The atmosphere is charged with positivity, and peace, and brotherhood―the jingle of the season.

Aside from the togetherness seen during this time, the Christmas season is also characterized by one more important thing ― ’tis the season of giving! Families and friends shower each other with gifts, and hatchets are buried under sumptuous Christmas dinners.

In the midst of all this celebration, we must not forget those children who would love to be a part of Christmas too. This is the season to look at those in need and dig deep into our well of generosity to provide for those who lack their basic requirements of food.

Unfortunately, many children go to sleep hungry both in the UK and in India. In the UK alone, 3 million children struggle with food poverty and can mean days of no food for themselves and their families. Choose to make this holiday season special for them by making a donation towards our initiatives of feeding children in India and the UK. Help them go sleep secure and satiated with a belly full of hot food keeping the winter night away.


Apart from this, our pot of food is unlimited and we serve meals to the homeless and vulnerable during the winter months. You have the power to make this holiday season unforgettable for someone in need.

Give generously, and you’ll have a very merry Christmas indeed! Support our initiatives in India and here in the UK by donating today!

- The Akshayapatra Foundation, UK


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