Colours Of Giving - Diwali 2020 Painting Fundraiser

As we get ready to share greetings, reflect and celebrate Diwali - the festival of lights, children in the UK are coming together to remind us of their counterparts in India and the UK who urgently need our support. By painting their Diwali memories, they are raising funds to gift light and happiness to at least 1000 disadvantaged children in each country.  

India: £6 sponsors meals for a child in India for a month, through a happiness bag. (To raise: £6 X 1000 children = £6000)

UK: £1 sponsors a hot, healthy vegetarian meal to a child from a low income family in the UK. (To raise: £1000)

Give Light to a child -   REGISTER NOW 

Diwali is the favourite time of the year for most children. Show your love and generosity by supporting young artists from the UK.  

Since the pandemic, Akshaya Patra has served over 80 million meals to the vulnerable, several of them being children, in India. 1.8 million children who were receiving a hot, healthy meal at government schools daily before COVID 19, are now receiving happiness bags at home which include food, books and a hygiene kit. In the UK, the charity has served close to 50,000 hot lunches to children from low-income families, during school holidays, when they do not have access to a free lunch.

To participate in the contest, please register on this page by clicking the Register Now button. The theme for your painting is Diwali. There are two categories of age groups: 6-11 years and 12-18 years. Please send in your entries via email before 27.10.2020 to

- The Akshayapatra Foundation, UK


  • Direct donations £1000.00
  • Anonymous £20.00 on OCT 20, 2020
  • Mrs.Rakshita Parmar £25.00 on OCT 20, 2020
  • Anonymous £50.00 on OCT 19, 2020
  • Mrs.Mina Mehta £50.00 on OCT 18, 2020
  • Anonymous £20.00 on OCT 18, 2020
  • Anonymous £31.00 on OCT 18, 2020
  • Mr.Raghav Veer £10.00 on OCT 17, 2020
  • Anonymous £50.00 on OCT 16, 2020
  • Anonymous £21.00 on OCT 16, 2020
  • Miss.Manjushaw £5.00 on OCT 16, 2020
  • Anonymous £51.00 on OCT 16, 2020
  • Ms.Rupal Kapadia £101.00 on OCT 16, 2020

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