We are fundraising for The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a charity with the mission to create a world where families below poverty line in India won’t have to choose between food and education for their children. 

Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, Akshaya Patra were providing a hot, healthy vegetarian lunch at government run schools, to 1.8 million children at mid-day, daily. However, since then the service has become more challenging as schools have been closed. The school lunches have now been replaced with “Happiness Bags” by the charity. Children who were eligible for free school lunches are receiving bags containing groceries to feed the whole family for a month, along with some study material and other essentials. To help raise funds for this initiative we will be observing Ekadasi - a fast observed for 24 hours where by one eats little or no food.

Fasting on the following dates: -

· 27 September 2020

· 13 and 27 October 2020

· 11 and 26 November 2020

· 11 and 25 December 2020

Observing these fasts will be our humble attempt to experience hunger with an aim to support impoverished families. Our target is to raise £5000 by 31st December 2020, this will feed approximately 800 families in India. 

Please support us by donating generously. £50 donation will feed 7 families in India for a month.

~ Surekha Parekh and Nirmal Parekh (Supporters of Akshaya Patra)

More on the charity: The name Akshaya Patra comes from the Hindu epic the Mahabharata, whereby, the Pandavas are granted a boon of a vessel blessed by Lord Krishna - called the 'Akshaya Patra' - aka a pot of unlimited food. To find out more visit their website: www.tapf.org.uk

- The Akshayapatra Foundation, UK


  • Anonymous £50.00 on SEP 19, 2020

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