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The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK's Covid relief operations extend both in the UK and in India. Whatever funds we raise, will be equally divided to support the relief efforts by the charity. Please help to serve thousands who are at risk of hunger in the UK and in India.

The UK project: The charity is serving an average of 3,000 meals daily and has already served over 65,000 hot and healthy meals to the vulnerable including children, the elderly and the homeless across London and greater London. These meals are freshly cooked, wholesome, vegetarian, but still cost effective.

The India project: In a month since the lockdown, 35 million meals have already been served to the vulnerable and the displaced by Akshaya Patra across states in India. £8 will provide a grocery care package for two meals for a month for an adult. 

The foundation's goodwill shared over the last 20 years in service has meant a lot of partners have teamed up to make a substantial difference in these difficult times. However, millions more need help and support. Your donation will help a vulnerable person gain access to a hygienic healthy meal - the most basic necessity at a time as challenging as now. The company is also match funding your donation. Every little helps.                                                

Contact: +44 7989520090;

- Ms Kopal Matanhelia


  • Ms.Amanda Gomez £20.00 on JUN 16, 2020
  • Mr.Shyam Matanhelia £30.00 on JUN 15, 2020
  • Mr.Hamza Hoummady £50.00 on JUN 14, 2020
  • Anonymous £5.00 on JUN 13, 2020
  • Miss.Kopal £50.00 on JUN 13, 2020
  • Miss.Jessica Bateson £30.00 on JUN 12, 2020
  • Ms.Emily Lemonier £30.00 on JUN 12, 2020
  • Anonymous £10.00 on JUN 05, 2020
  • Miss.Kopal Matanhelia £50.00 on MAY 12, 2020

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