A MILLION STEPS - Pramod Agarwal

As a food and fitness enthusiast, I would like to direct my energy towards a solution to tackle hunger among children in India. 1.8 million children were getting a hot and healthy meal every day at school, thanks to The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK.
But now with the Covid pandemic, schools remain closed. So Akshaya Patra is giving away grocery items, study material and other essentials in Happiness Bags to these children at their homes. This will help the family get access to food too at a time income is even less due to the pandemic.
I have already crossed the 400,000 step mark, as of mid-September. I need your support to stay motivated. The more I walk, the more I can raise. The calories I burn can in turn become nutrition for children from below poverty line families. 
Akshaya Patra's mid-day meal programme is the largest in the world. Their vegetarian meals are cooked in state-of-the-art kitchens supported by various tech companies, which brings the cost of the meal drastically down. Do support me and this amazing charity.  

Just to give you guys an update on this: I am pleased to inform you that I've 
completed 1 million steps ~ 1,000330 steps today as of 27th October 2020 in just 71 days instead of 75 days. I've walked over a million steps in just 72 days. I am super proud of this and I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without your continued support. So thank you to all of you. 
- The Akshayapatra Foundation, UK


  • Direct donations £1401.00
  • Mrs.Rashmi Virani £100.00 on OCT 24, 2020
  • Mr.Dipika Khaitan £100.00 on OCT 24, 2020
  • Mrs.Anu Choraria £100.00 on OCT 23, 2020
  • Mr.Sudesh Jhunjhnuwala £200.00 on OCT 13, 2020
  • Mrs.Jennifer Faust £78.42 on SEP 25, 2020
  • Mr.Diwakar Gautam £251.00 on SEP 24, 2020
  • Anonymous £100.00 on SEP 24, 2020
  • Mr.Girish Jhunjhnuwala £300.00 on SEP 23, 2020
  • Mrs.Ritika £100.00 on SEP 22, 2020

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