For our mothers

£1200 feeds 100 children in India at school for an academic year. 

A  new year has just begun after a particularly difficult year for many of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many people’s lives and many of us have lost loved ones as a result. For me, I lost the most important person in my life, my mother, in the year that went by. My cousins' Bipinbhai, Girishbhai and Kishorebhai also lost their mother.

Mothers put our needs before theirs. They make sacrifices, have sleepless nights and always advise us and guide us for our own good. My mum and my aunty were the most amazing, kind-hearted souls that you could ever meet, they were always there for everyone, helping people, advising people, their legacy will always be remembered for their support, generosity and love. This campaign is for everyone that has lost loved ones, everyone that has lost a mother, it is a campaign to help us all remember our loved ones with positivity, light and help and less fortunate children in their memories.

Change lives and give generously in memory of our mums, Manjuben Vasantlal Parekh who passed away on 31st May 2021 and Madhuben Parekh on 17th November 2021. We are running this campaign in partnership with Akshaya Patra to raise awareness around the importance of food and feeding hungry mouths.

Even before the pandemic, hunger levels were at a record global high, now, millions of children and elderly go hungry.  In India alone lack of food forces 8 million children to work for their meals, rather than go to school. Without education, these children can never escape a vicious cycle of malnutrition, poverty and despair. Akshaya Patra is a conscientious charity that understands the importance of food. It provides nutritious meals to children studying in Government schools and Government-aided schools and recently it has opened its first kitchen in London, United Kingdom.

How Food impacts our body, energy, thoughts, emotions and intellect?

Our body is more than this physical body: it is made up of five layers known as koshas and each kosha needs to be nourished.  The first kosha is the “annamaya kosha” and this is nourished by the food we eat. Our food and our bodies are made up of the five elements: - air, ether, fire, earth and water these are known as “Mahabhuta” and the food we eat impacts our health and lifespan.

5 layers of human body

The second layer is the pranamaya kosha this is our energy body and it is nourished by proper sunlight, fresh air, fresh whole foods and clean water. How well-nourished the annamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha have a direct link on the manomaya kosha our mental health, this is our thoughts and emotions.  The next layer is the vijnanamaya kosha, which is composed of wisdom or intellect and once again the food we eat affects our intellect and our consciousness. 

“Let’s feed children and enable them to feel blissful, happy and loved”

Food is vital for everyone especially the elderly and the young and affects all five layers of our body, give generously and help us eliminate world hunger!  Let’s create a blissful world together.


- Surekha Parekh and family

- The Akshayapatra Foundation, UK


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