Serving the Shramiks

Impoverished workers who came to Indian cities from villages in search of opportunity are now struggling to return to their homes, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, and to access food and water during their journeys. Many of these journeys are undertaken on special trains (called Shramik trains) in scorching heat with temperatures rising above 40 degrees celcius in Delhi in the last week. Some alumni of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore and the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani have partnered with Akshaya Patra ( to provide food and water to 100,000 passengers as they board the trains at Mumbai and Delhi from 3rd June, 2020 onwards. Please support the effort.

Even a small contribution could make a big difference and £1 could fund packets of food and water for 2 people.

All contributions are made directly to the Akshaya Patra Foundation UK (, a UK registered charity. All the money that is raised under this initiative is being transferred to pay for the food and water packets which will be distributed to people travelling on the Shramik trains in India. For more details of what is being provided and destinations of these trains, please see below.

THE DETAILS • Akshaya Patra will package supplies into food-and-water packets from its warehouses and deliver them to Central Railway at Kurla station in Mumbai (LTT: Lokmanya Tilak Terminus), and Northern Railway at Old Delhi (DLI) and New Delhi (NDLS) railway stations. • The railway authorities will hand over a packet to each passenger prior to boarding. • Each packet contains bread, biscuits (2 packs), chikki (nut brittle), bananas, Oral Rehydration Solution (1 pack) and bottled water (2 litres). Each packet costs INR 50 - 60 (£0.5 - 0.6) • This initiative is to supply non-perishable food items rather than cooked meals bearing in mind potential contamination/spoilage and logistics concerns. • As the situation is fluid, some details above may change to better serve those in need.

SHRAMIK SPECIALS – DESTINATIONS FOR THESE TRAINS INCLUDE: Azamgarh Jaunpur Muzaffarpur Ambala Basti Khurda Patna Rohtak Bhagalpur Lucknow Prayagraj Devariya Dibrugarh Malda Sultanpur Katihar Gorakhpur Manipur Varanasi Chandigarh Howrah Midnapore Dharbhanga Jalpaiguri

- Ms Meghna Abraham


  • Mr.Manish Aggarwal £20.00 on JUN 07, 2020
  • Mr.Sameer Singh £20.00 on JUN 07, 2020
  • Ms.Siva Thambisetty £150.00 on JUN 05, 2020
  • Anonymous £100.00 on JUN 04, 2020
  • Anonymous £100.00 on JUN 04, 2020
  • Ms.Audrey G £50.00 on JUN 04, 2020
  • Miss.Piya £10.00 on JUN 03, 2020
  • Ms.Clare Algar £100.00 on JUN 03, 2020
  • Anonymous £20.00 on JUN 03, 2020
  • Anonymous £50.00 on JUN 03, 2020
  • Anonymous £50.00 on JUN 03, 2020

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