How does it work?

1. All you need to do is register and pledge to walk 100 miles in two months. That is just about 1.6 miles a day. It could be a walk to the station to catch a train or a park near your home, a weekday or a Sunday summer stroll.

2. Make around 3000 steps a day on an average. Track your steps and send us images once in a while of you and your steps.

3. As you walk, we request you to fund-raise for Akshaya Patra. You could ask your friends, family members, colleagues or anyone to donate to you online on a link we will provide you with, which will have your name registered. We suggest you raise around £210 or more. Even £2 per donated mile will help you raise £200. The more you raise, the more the smiles among children.

It is after all a very satisfying gesture to feed a child, fresh, healthy meals to empower them to study better. 

You are going to make your routine walks more meaningful. Get fit yourself and get children to eat their much deserved meal. No one must go hungry, specially not children.  

The Akshaya Patra Foundation-UK is raising funds to serve fresh, healthy mid-day meals to nearly 2 million children in India's government schools. This enables them to study better and return to school each day. We are the BBC's chosen Global Food Champions of 2019. ''I can do anything for a meal, even go to school and study'' said a child from a remote village in rural India. The more the steps you take, the closer you get to eradicating hunger among school going children. More steps = more meals. More miles = more smiles. 

Registration details : 
Adult : £5
Child : Free (11 and under)
Donation : £1 serves lunches to one child for a month. please be generous. You may look up to understand about the work we do.


1. What happens when I register for £5?

A. You will receive an email confirmation and a URL (link) that you could share with friends and family asking them to donate money to. This goes towards feeding children in India - a hot nutrious mid day meal at school to enable them to study better. Many school drop outs have returned to school for the mid day meal. You could bring a child back to school too. 

2. How does the contribution add up?

A. What you pay as registration fees is towards the operational costs of the charity. Any surplus will be humbly accepted as donation from you, with gratitude. As you start walking, you could ask friends, family, collegues to help you raise funds. They could pay you £2 perhaps for a mile. That way you raise 200£. The more they donate online on the link we porvide against your name, the more the meals we can keep offering to children.

3. What do I get at the end of it?

A. Some good karma. No child in India should be deprived of education because of hunger. You will also get a sense of satifaction that you made a healthy meal possible for a child in a remote village in India. Most children are unable to get a nutrious fresh meal. Many of them embrace education at schools because they are ensured a hot meal. 

4. How much does one meal cost for a child in India?

A. 5p from you can feed a child a hot, nutrious meal. How: You pay 5p, the Indian government pays the other 5p. The cost of the total meal is 10 pence. Children are fed mid day meals everyday from Monday to Saturday at schools. 


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